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Vaccines prevent potentially life-threatening diseases, some of which can be zoonotic (spread to humans). In some cases, there are legal requirements for vaccinating exotic pets.

Ferret in home in the shadows
Ferret in home in the shadows

Some, but not all, exotic pets should receive routine vaccinations to prevent diseases. Vaccinations are accompanied by a veterinarian consultation and examination to make certain that your pet's condition is stable enough to receive them.

Vaccinations help to combat diseases by exposing the pet's immune system to inactive or small amounts of a particular form of bacteria or virus. Our doctors will help you decide which vaccines are appropriate for your pet's risk factors. Proper and timely administration is paramount to ensure for optimal protection. Vaccinations are particularly important to young animals that have immature immune systems. Your exotic veterinarian will help you to make species specific recommendations, based on your pet’s physical exam and clinical history, to provide the best care possible.