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Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine


We perform grooming services such as toenail and wing trimming.

All animals must have had a recent examination (within the last year with no health changes) by a veterinarian at our facility. Once your animal has passed a health examination, you can return for grooming procedures for up to one year without needing another health examination.

We also provide mammal grooming on a limited basis (shaving severely matted animals, trimming hooves of potbellied pigs and goats, etc.). In these situations, anesthesia may be required to help minimize pain and stress associated with the procedure. If anesthesia is indicated, an exam will need to be performed every 6 months, and bloodwork will need to be performed at least yearly.

Beak trims rarely need to be performed in healthy birds and tortoises, but our doctors can assess your pet and provide this service if necessary.