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Geriatric Care

Older animals have special needs. As animals age, they often develop arthritis, cardiac disease, cancer, and other health problems. Although these diseases can be debilitating, in many cases they are treatable and medical therapy can significantly improve your pet’s quality of life.

We recommend at least twice yearly healthy examinations for elderly exotic pets to help identify and treat developing health problems early. Your senior pet's wellness exam should include the following:

  • Health Consultation

  • Physical Examination

  • Pain assessment

  • Oral Exam

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Intestinal Parasite Test

  • Vaccinations (if necessary)

  • Blood Work

  • Other diagnostic tests if indicated

A visit to your veterinarian is imperative if you notice any of the following:

  • Changes in mobility: difficulty getting up from a down position, trouble with stairs, limping, decrease in ability to jump on furniture or jump into the car, decrease in play activity

  • Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

  • Excessive drinking and/or urination

  • Loss of appetite or lethargy

  • Behavior changes

  • Diarrhea or vomiting

  • Skin lumps, bumps, or irritation

  • Bad breath, plaque on teeth, or bleeding gums

  • Ear odors, redness, scratching, or head shaking