What to Expect

What to expect with your new pet


Please call the reception team at 425-329-4407 during regular business hours to make an appointment. You may also email us or contact us using the appointment request form to the right.

If you do not hear back from the reception team in the first few business hours after your email request, please call to confirm receipt of your message.

Office Hours: Monday - Saturday 9AM-6PM Sunday 12PM-4PM

Doctors are on call for Medical Emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlike a traditional dog and cat hospital, our regular appointments are not 20 minutes long. A typical annual exam or sick pet exam is scheduled for 45 minutes.

Why so long? The majority of exotic animal health problems we treat are husbandry related. The first portion of your visit will be spent discussing your pet’s housing, temperature, humidity, light cycle, diet, etc. In many cases your exotic pet’s health will benefit from a simple change in one or several of these areas. Not all veterinarians have had the specialized training it takes to practice exotic animal medicine. It is important that the veterinary professional you choose to take your bird or exotic pet to is well-versed in these important areas!

How much will it cost?

Many clients are relieved to discover that although we are a specialty center, our prices are typically lower than their dog and cat veterinarian.

The charge for an office visit is currently $54. This includes a full physical exam by a doctor and a thorough review of husbandry/diet/care recommendations. If diagnostic tests or medications are necessary, there will be an additional cost. If any additional procedures/treatments are recommended, the doctor will fully review in detail what they entail, the associated costs, and why they are necessary at the time of the appointment.

Our after hours (between 6PM-9AM) emergency fee is $160.00. During normal business hours, our emergency fee is $108.00. These charges include the cost of the office visit.

We pride ourselves with being up front with our costs and pricing. However, receptionists are not able to give complex estimates over the phone for patients we have not seen. Estimates can only be made after your pet has come in for an examination and the doctor has assessed your pet’s unique situation. Our doctors will review the options with you at your visit so you can decide on the best course of treatment within your budget.

If a veterinarian recommends additional testing or treatments, we will provide you with an itemized estimate of expected treatment charges.

What methods of payment does CBEAM take?

We require payment at the time of service. We accept cash, debit cards, VISA/Mastercard/Discover, and payment plans through Care Credit. Care Credit is a third party payment plan which allows our clients to stretch their payments out over six months, interest free. Care Credit requires an application and approval of credit. Learn more about Care Credit at www.carecredit.com.

We recommend Nationwide pet insurance for birds and exotic animals.

For healthy animals of certain species, we offer wellness plans that provide discounted packages of recommended diagnostic screenings, exams, and unlimited toenail trims

Please remember that because we are an emergency hospital, if we are dealing with many critically ill patients, we will have to triage which patients are in need of the most immediate care and will have to help them in that order. Thank you for understanding and being patient with us in these situations, and remember that it could be your pet someday.

If you are presented with and approve an estimate for additional services, you will be asked for a 100% deposit on the estimated amount. In many cases, we do not use the entire deposit, and a refund will be given to you when your pet leaves our facility. If circumstances change and the estimate is expected to be exceeded substantially, we will contact you for approval.

Before your appointment…

If you are coming into the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine for the first time, please try to arrive a few minutes early to fill out forms. To save time, you can fill out the relevant Husbandry and New Patient registration form on the home page ahead of time

If your pet has seen at a different facility, please ask the veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s record, or better yet, have them faxed ahead of your appointment to (425) 486-9002. Be aware that according to state law, veterinary hospitals have up to 10 business days in which to transfer records. Please request your records to be transferred as soon as you make your appointment with us. Our receptionists are also happy to call to request the records transfer; however, many facilities will require you to call personally to confirm.

In addition, if you can, bring a fresh stool sample (ideally, passed on the day of your pet’s appointment) with you to your appointment so that we can use it for analysis. Samples can be kept fresh in an air-tight plastic bag or jar. Samples may be kept in the refrigerator for a few hours, but please do not freeze the sample, as freezing will kill many of the organisms for which we are testing.

If you have an aquatic or semi-aquatic pet, please bring an additional 50 mL (1-2 oz) sample of their normal tank water in a separate plastic container with a lid. Water quality testing is an essential part of the exam for these species.

If you have a pet that receives UV lighting, please bring in your UV bulb and fixture so that we can test their output with our UVB meter.

Please take pictures of your pet’s enclosure, food bags, supplements, toys, etc. and email the pictures to us at info@theexoticvet.com prior to your appointment. Please be sure to put your pet’s name and your first and last name in the subject heading of the email so that we can easily transfer this information into your medical record.

If at all possible, please have the primary caretaker bring the pet to your appointment so that we can obtain detailed information about husbandry. If the primary caretaker cannot attend, they should be available by phone.

In order to keep your pet safe, please bring him or her in an enclosed carrier. For your bird’s safety, we require all birds to be in a carrier or on a tether. If you do not have a carrier, a sturdy cardboard box with a towel bottom makes a great carrier.

Reducing Stress During Your Veterinary Visit

We can help work with you and your pet to develop ways to minimize the stress associated with veterinary visits and veterinary care, including training to go into carriers, taking medications from a syringe, and being held in a towel to help make examinations less stressful. Learn More

How do I know whether I need to bring in my exotic pet?

The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine receives many calls daily from owners asking what they can do to help their sick or injured pets at home.  In the vast majority of cases, we will recommend that the owner makes an appointment to come in.

Please keep in mind that veterinary law and ethics do not allow us to diagnose, treat, or give medical advice without a current client-patient veterinary relationship. If you are a new client or calling about a new patient, most cases will require an office visit with the veterinarian.

If you are calling from outside our service area and have no way of coming in for an appointment, we will ask you to find a veterinarian near you for treatment. We will be happy to consult directly with your veterinarian.