Internal Parasites

Pets go to The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell for parasite control.

Intestinal parasites can be a troublesome concern, especially for very young animals. Many pets are born with worms, and pets remain susceptible to the harmful parasites throughout their lives. Worms live inside your pet, making the symptoms difficult to pinpoint, and are therefore detected through a fecal analysis. Internal parasites can not only harm your pet, but many can also be transferred to children and adults, making them sick as well.

Our hospital recommends performing a fecal analysis on all new pets. If your pet does have a parasite problem, our veterinarians can provide you with different medications and treatments to remedy the problem and steer your pet back to good health. Preventive care is key, because of the damages presented by intestinal parasites to both pets and people. Our primary focus is to provide your pet with the safest and most effective ongoing preventive care.