External Parasites

(Fleas, Ticks, Mites, and Lice)

Pets in need of flea and tick control at The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine

Like most pet owners, you probably enjoy spending quality time with your pets both indoors and out. Don't leave them at risk for any unwelcome visits from pesky parasites. Parasites can be very damaging to the human-animal bond, particularly when the invasion gets out of control. Not only can these unfriendly parasites make your pets extremely uncomfortable, they can pose grave health risks.

Since parasites can survive a cold winter by feeding on unprotected pets, preventive measures should be taken year round. By undergoing measures to inhibit these outbreaks, the diseases these parasites transmit to pets and people can also be mitigated or prevented.

There are many safe and effective parasite products available, and our veterinary team will help you choose the correct preventive regimen based on your pets’ risk factors and health status. Once a year, it is important to discuss with your veterinarian which external pest control products are ideal for your household, based upon the everyday life of your pet.