Your Pet's Diet

Dietary Counseling

At the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine, we are very concerned about your exotic pet's nutrition. This is a huge issue for our patients, as there is a massive amount of misinformation circulating about nutritional needs of many exotic species.  If your pet is eating an inappropriate diet, it could result in serious, and even fatal, medical problems.  In contrast, the right diet can enhance your pet's health and extend his or her life.  

Some exotic pets require special dietary supplements (calcium, vitamin C, etc.) in order to remain healthy.  We may recommend additional nutritional supplements to help treat and/or prevent arthritis, joint problems, cardiac disease, and liver disease.  We also provide counseling on weight management programs for exotic pets.

Please ask our veterinarians for recommendations regarding diet and husbandry of your exotic pet.  We have care sheets available for many exotic pet species to provide you with this information.