Our Pet Counseling

Snake with behavioral problems seeks counseling at The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine

At The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine, we know you love your exotic pet and only want the best in their physical and behavioral health. When it comes to behavioral issues, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. If a behavioral problem develops, our veterinarians will help you discover the steps and actions you can take to help your pet lead a happier, more balanced life.

Undesirable behavior problems are particularly common in pet parrots, but can be seen in any exotic animal.  Sometimes these issues can be brought on by underlying physical ailments, so it is always very important to have an exam performed on your pet prior to creating a treatment protocol.  Our veterinarians are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of behavior problems, and can aid in creating behavioral modification treatment plans, positive reinforcement training recommendations, and medical management (if necessary). Dr. McLaughlin is particularly interested in animal behavior, and is usually our first recommendation for behavior consults.